White Drive Products’ include a full range of low-speed high-torque motors, spring-applied pressure release brakes, brake release hand pumps, and closed-loop hydrostatic drive piston pumps.

The company continues leading the industry with innovative products, superior customer service, technical application support, and maintaining the shortest lead-time in the industry.

Complete list of products include:

  • Low speed, high torque motors
    • with speeds up to 1870 rpm
    • and flows to 60 rpm
  • Hydraulic Brakes
    • Brake motor applications with displacements from 32-127 cid and holding torques to 14000 lb-in.



  • Brake release pumps
  • Sensor testing equipment


Hydraulic Pumps

  • Variable displacement axial piston closed loop pumps 10 and 13 cc available to 1425 psi