7 Tips for Designing or Specifying a Hydraulic Power Unit

At FSC, we’re proud to be a Rexroth partner.  Check out this article from one of Rexroth’s e-newsletters:

Hydraulic Power Units: 7 Tips


Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) are sometimes considered the “heart” of a hydraulic or electro-hydraulic system. Because their requirements can vary so greatly, however, choosing the right HPU can be complex, even daunting. Operators must consider application, location and more when determining the best approach to finding the right-fit HPU for the company. Rexroth understands this challenge and addresses it head on by compiling seven considerations for engineers who are designing or specifying a hydraulic power unit.


Key Insights & Considerations:

1.  Consider the overall power and force requirements before selecting a power unit. To efficiently choose a unit, an HPU designer must know what will be powered.

2.  Physical location provides a surprising number of additional parameters to consider. Don’t overlook operating environment and location.

3.  Even the most robust power unit will require service. Understand the specific maintenance requirements before choosing a power unit.

4.  Always consider the circumstances surrounding the installation. A poorly-installed unit may result in excessive noise.

5.  Energy is a valuable resource that must be used responsibly. Understand that component selection can influence energy consumption and efficiency.

6.  Balancing cost and strength can be a challenge. Before purchasing a power unit, anticipate additional costs relating to operating environment, safety requirements and more.

7.  Stay current with technological advancements. Industry 4.0 is bringing a selection of connected technologies, designed to bridge the gap between plant level networks and plant floor components.


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